How To Search & Track a Bill / Law
This video navigates through the steps to successfully search for and track a bill as it progresses through the legislative process and how to search for a current law. (Legislative 04/18/2017)

Sorting in Excel and Google Sheets
This video demonstrates sorting data in Excel and Google Sheets (Data Quality 4/24/17)

What is a UIC
This video introduces new users to a MSDS Unique Identification Code (UIC). It is intended to walk users through all aspects of a UIC; navigating through the MSDS Application, how to resolve a UIC and how to request a UIC. (Data Quality 4/24/17)

Summer Bootcamp 2020 - Intro to Pupil Accounting Part 1
Uploaded 7/31/20

Data Quality - The Story of Hilda Witcher
Uploaded 6/26/2020