Welcome Members!

This site is designed with the hope that members will find it a useful networking opportunity to find users with similar roles and duties, to facilitate best practice sharing and communication. If you notice an error in your own listing, inform the Executive Director for proper correction or, you may sign in to the member area, click on the Member Information Editor link (left navigation menu) and update your profile.


At the most recent Spring Conference in Traverse City, the MPAAA Executive Board was pleased to acknowledge members who have been recognized for OUSTANDING work in their respective fields and for those members who have maintained membership longevity for 5, 10, 15 years and beyond.  Thank you again for your years of service and dedication to not only the MPAAA but also your profession!

2018 Outstanding Service Award Recipients

These members have been recognized by their peers as providing outstanding service in their profession.  MPAAA would very much like to extend congratulations and thank these members for their dedication and outstanding service to their constituents.

  • Tim Johnson (West Bloomfield Schools)
  • Sharon Maszal (Center Line Public Schools)
  • Paula McDonald (Birmingham Public Schools)
  • Alyce Simonson (Fowlerville Schools)
  • Sally Washington


2018 Years of Service Award Recipients!

  • 30 Year Recognition:  Catherine Wilson
  • 25 Year Recognition:  Laura Ostrom
  • 20 Year Recognition:  Patricia Hoisington, Sharon Madagame, Paula McDonald, Karen Patrick and Tami Phelps
  • 15 Year Recognition:  Becky Luddington, LeAnn Szymanski and Heidi VanAman
  • 10 Year Recognition:  Julie Baumann, Barbara Brugnani, Melissa Cook, Elizabeth Dietz, Carol Haksluoto, John Heitsch, Tim Johnson, Denene Mlostek, Joy Moll, Judy Pyszk, Beckie Reed, Manuel Rosales and Denise Smith
  • 5 Year Recognition:   Kelly Ballor, Jean Botting, Sandi Brunner, Charles Carver, Debra Clement, Lisa Currie, Caroline Durkee, Janice Flath, Elizabeth Grodi, Marisa Gutierrez, Sara Hegel, Michelle Helmic, Michelle Homister, Haley McGillen, Jason Morden, Stephanie Roberts, Anne Schimelpfenig, Ingrid Seruga, Holly Strong, Emily Taylor, Kelly VanZale, Grant Wright and Devinnie Wysocki 

What Does MPAAA Membership Offer?

Membership in the MPAAA is essential to any public school district or academy's pupil personnel and attendance staff.  Membership offers:

  • Michigan School Business Official Certification
  • Discounted prices to association conferences
  • Networking Resources
  • Timely Information Sharing and Announcements
  • Best Practices shared and distributed through the membership network


How do I become a member of the MPAAA and who do I contact?

Becoming a member is as easy as completing membership application online (top right corner of this page), and paying the required membership fee.  To get additional information on becoming a member of MPAAA, or simply to discuss membership with someone, please contact the MPAAA Office at the number below or email the Executive Director