Pupil Auditing Forms

These are sample forms for you to feel free to download, edit and use.

Check the list below to see if the form you are using has been updated.  Note that not all forms need updating every year.

If you see any errors or have suggestions for improvements, please contact our Executive Director, Rob Dickinson, at (517) 853-1413, or [email protected]

To view or update the list of ISD auditing staff, please follow this link: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1XQCPakKvZ-4kALCt39t2J72STk5DYUH0YHZTcuD9H6A/edit?usp=sharing 

Pupil Auditing

20/21 Pandemic Learning Pupil List

Uploaded 9/4/20, Updated 10/7/20

20/21 Pandemic Learning Teacher Contact

Uploaded 9/4/20, updated 9/9/20, updated 9/14/20 Updated 10/7/20

1-A: Required Documentation Checklist

Updated 2/21/19, updated 10/9/19, updated 9/4/20

3E: PD Time as Instructional Time Report Form

Loaded 10/9/20, Revised 10/12/20

3-E: Exam Verification Form

Uploaded 10/31/18. Updated 10/14/19

5-D: Homebound-Hospitalized & Homebased Combined Pupil List

Alternative form to separate Homebound and Homebased lists - Uploaded 11/1/17

5-D: Homebound-Hospitalized & Homebound Combined Teacher log

Alternative form to separate Homebound and Homebased forms - Uploaded 11/1/17

5-I: Schools of Choice Certification

uploaded 2/21/19, updated 10/14/19

5-Q-B: Section 25e Audit Procedures

Updated 10/25/18, Updated 10/23/19, Updated 11/3/20