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Fall Conference Registration Still Open!

Registration is still open for MPAAA's fall conferences for 2019.  Our Lower Peninsula conference is September 16th and 17th at the DoubleTree Riverside Hotel in Bay City, and the Upper Peninsula conference is at the Mission Point Resort on Mackinaw Island on September 23rd and 24th.

The Bay City conference is two full days, and the Island conference is 1&1/2 days. This is intended to keep staff away from your office for the shortest time possible at this critical time of year, and still have as much content as possible available for our upper peninsula members, while keeping their transportation needs in mind.

Attendees at the Mission Point conference have mentioned in the past that the conference is difficult to attend because of having so many separate fares and fees to pay. To make attending this conference as easy as possible, we include a roundtrip Shepler's Ferry ticket, as well as the luggage transfer fees, and a taxi ride from the island dock out to the resort, in the registration fee.  Attendees can also purchase additional ferry packages at the same discounted rate for any family or guests who may be accompanying them.

For more information on the Bay City conference, please click HERE.

If more information on the Mission Point conference, please click HERE.

For additional ferry tickets for the Mission Point conference, please click HERE.

We hope you will consider joining us at one of our fall conferences!

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EL Exit Deadline Approaching

Any English Learner (EL) students meeting EL exit criteria and not reported as EL exited in the Michigan Student Data System (MSDS) End-of-Year (EOY) collection must be reported using the MSDS July–Mid-September Student Record Maintenance (SRM) collection, which closes September 11, 2019, at 11:59 PM. Students whose EL exits are not properly reported in MSDS will not be EL-exited for 2019-20 accountability and will be expected to take WIDA ACCESS for ELLs again in spring 2020.

Directions for exiting eligible EL students are provided in the EL Exit Reporting Guidelines document, which can be found on the WIDA webpage  (

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19/20 MPAAA Mentor Program - Sign Up!

In early August, a survey invitation was sent to all MPAAA members to ask if they wish to participate in the 2019/20 mentor program. We're looking for people new to the job and eager to learn the details of pupil accounting, as well as those willing to be the source of that learning.

If you would like to have a mentor assigned to you, or you are willing to BE a mentor for someone, please send an email to [email protected] by Friday, September 6th.  Keep in mind that the program is only open to CURRENT MPAAA members. The system will ask you to renew your membership if you haven't already done so before you'll be able to complete the survey.

While we have had a MUCH better response this year from the community of those willing to mentor, we're still a few mentors short. Please consider sending an email to [email protected] before the 6th of September if you are willing to assist a colleague who is new to their job.

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Did You Know?

While MPAAA works hard to offer great conferences and content, we also want to make sure our members understand WHY we make the decisions we do. To give you a 'peek behind the curtain,' we'll be adding this article to this, and future Newsblasts. Hopefully, these articles will provide our members with a greater understanding of the Association's workings.

Conference food

If you've ever helped organize any group event, you already know that the most significant expense is food.  Not only the main meals, but event drinks can be more expensive than you may think.  A gallon of coffee runs up to $50, depending on the venue, and cans of soft drinks usually are $2-4 per can.

Many conference attendees have asked for bottled water instead of the water dispensers at the back of each room. The water dispensers are free, whereas a single bottle of water is $2-4, just like a soft drink.  When you have 500 attendees at an event for the full day, the cost difference can add up.

MPAAA tries to not only make our conferences content-rich but budget-friendly as well. Thank you for understanding some of the choices we make to try and keep the cost of our events as low as possible.

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Pupil Accounting Help Wanted

From the Michigan School for the Deaf

Help wanted: Temporary contract staff member to compile and submit the Fall 2019 student count data for Michigan School for the Deaf.

Work dates: Must be available from the end of September through the second week of November.

Required Experience: Pupil accounting experience as well as knowledge of the Skyward Student Information System, and CEPI and MSDS applications.

Pay: Based on experience.

If interested please contact: Mark Bouvy, Business Manager, Michigan School for the Deaf.  Phone: 810-257-1458.  Email: [email protected].

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Membership renewal

MPAAA's membership renewal is now open for the 2019/20 year. The rate for 19/20 is $85 and can be paid online by clicking HERE, or you can complete THIS form and send it in with a check. Keep in mind that you'll need to renew your membership before you can register for a summer or fall event at the member's rate.

Hopefully, you've found your current membership in MPAAA to be beneficial. Please consider maintaining access to our newsletters, updates, and training sessions by renewing your membership. All 18/19 memberships expired on June 30, and any renewals done now will last until June 30, 2020.

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