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2018/19 MPAAA Salary Survey

Since we opened the MPAAA Salary Survey for 2018/19 in December, we've had only 40 responses.  Please click HERE to participate in this year's survey. 

Last year, we had excellent success in compiling your collected salary information into our 2017/18 Association-wide Salary Survey. With the new school year underway, it's time to add your voice to your colleagues and complete the 2018/19 Salary Survey.

Current MPAAA members can view last year's Survey results HERE. As you'll see as you go through the document, we need more responses, especially from ISD auditors, to make the survey as useful a tool as possible. 

All data collected through the survey is anonymous, and there is no personal data shared in the results. Also, any result information coming from a single individual is redacted from the report. We take privacy very seriously and will make sure your data is stored and handled with all appropriate safeguards.

To take the 2018/19 MPAAA Salary Survey, please click HERE. The survey will be open through January 31, 2019, and the results will be published in February. Please give serious thought to completing this survey, to make the resulting document as useful to all our members as possible. 

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New Data Being Collected in Spring 2019 MSDS General Collection

At the fall MPAAA conference, CEPI announced that two fields would be added to the Spring General Collection in MSDS, 'Building Pupil Would Otherwise Attend' and 'Eligibility Reason.'

The 'Building pupil would otherwise attend' is part of the School Demographics Component. This optional field should be reported for students in SEE or S2E2 entities that participate in the 'Sending Scores Back' Program.  This allows MDE to report any accountability scores back to the student's home school. Information on the Sending Scores Back Program is available HERE.

This is a 5-digit EEM building code and is intended to be the school the student would have attended if they were not in the SEE or S2E2 entity (typically, this would be the attendance area school appropriate for the student's grade level).  The building code reported must be:

  • Part of the operating District
  • Be an entity type of 'School' or 'Unique Education Provider' 
  • Be an open building as of the count date
  • ONLY report this building code if the student's enrolled school is listed as a SEE or S2E2 in the Educational Entity Master (EEM).

You can get more information on the new code on page 318 of the updated (published 12/18/2018) MSDS details manual, available HERE.

The other new field, 'Eligibility Reason' is part of the Early On component and is optional in the Spring General Collection. This is reported for students in Early On programs as of the Spring Count Day, or who exited such a program since the Fall Count Day.

This is a code field, with 22 different areas of developmental delay or conditions identified on the student's IFSP when eligibility was determined.  

The 22 codes, along with links for detailed explanations, can be found starting on page 137 of the updated (published 12/18/2018) MSDS details manual, available HERE.

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CRDC Training now available

MPAAA is now offering training sessions for the upcoming Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC). This nation-wide data collection will open in February 2019 and is widely held as the MOST DIFFICULT data collection and reporting process completed by Michigan Schools.

Our 1/2-day sessions will help prepare you for the collection by:

  • Making you familiar with all the ways you can submit data (hint, DON'T use online!).
  • Providing tools and guidance in our CRDC library.
  • Going through each field required to show you the pitfalls and problems.
  • Laying out the known timelines and providing 'best practices' strategies.

In short, this training is going to give you the tools and preparation you'll need to complete this difficult collection. Note that field order and names HAVE changed since the last submission, and new fields have been added. Even those with extensive experience in the CRDC might want to consider attending.

We're offering this training 11 times in January and February, at locations around Michigan, and even two sessions (1/25 and 2/1) as online webinars!  The courses are being held:

1/14 (AM) - West Shore ESD, Luddington

1/21 (AM) - MPAAA Offices, Lansing

1/22 (PM) - MPAAA Offices, Lansing

1/23 (AM) - Char-Em ISD, Charlevoix

1/24 (PM) - Washtenaw ISD, Ann Arbor

1/25 (AM) - Webinar (take from your desk)

1/28 (AM) - Huron ISD, Bad Axe

1/29 (PM) - MPAAA Offices, Lansing

1/30 (AM) - Kent ISD, Grand Rapids

1/31 (PM) - Oakland ISD, Waterford Twp.

2/1 (AM) - Webinar (take from your desk)

The 3-hour sessions cost $70 for members and $95 for non-members. While the CRDC training isn't one of the classes needed for MSBO certification, these hours WILL count towards the renewal of any MSBO certification you may already have. For more information, or to register for a session, you can click HERE.

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MPAAA Winter 2019 Pupil Accounting Bootcamp

We still have a few spots available in our Winter 2019 Pupil Accounting Bootcamp, being held January 16-18 at Macomb ISD.  These workshops are designed for those in their first year or two of pupil accounting and are geared to get someone new to the field up and running in time for the coming collection season.

Attendees who complete the Bootcamp will have 5 of the required courses for the Pupil Accounting Specialist completed, and have a great start on their MSBO certification. Each attendee will receive full printouts of all presentations as well as additional references and documentation in a handy reference binder.

This 3-day session is being held from Wednesday to Friday, January 16th to 18th, at the Macomb ISD offices in Clinton Township (northeast Detroit area). The cost is $395 for MPAAA members and $495 for non-members. You can get more information, or register for the session, by clicking HERE.  Space is VERY limited, so register soon if you would like to attend.

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We've Moved!

Effective Thursday, November 1st, 2018, MPAAA has a new set of offices!  Our new address is:

Michigan Pupil Accounting & Attendance Association
839 Centennial Way, Ste 220
Lansing MI 48917

Our phone (517) 853-1413 and email all stay the same, but the new space will allow us to have a dedicated training area and room to grow as we pursue new member activities.  Please pass this information on to your accounts payable staff so their records can also be updated.

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