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Change in Student Suspension Reporting

MDE recently announced a change to its required reporting of suspension data for all students. The purpose of the announcement is to provide clarification on the Michigan Department of Education’s (MDE’s) collection of student suspension data.

While, under the current law, MDE cannot require districts to submit suspension data for students without an Individual Education Plan (IEP), the MDE will continue to encourage all districts to voluntarily submit this important data for all students so Michigan can focus all levels of the education system on improving school climate and equitable access to high-quality learning environments. The MDE will also continue to report data provided by participating districts on its website for transparency purposes and to use this data in collaboration with partners to offer targeted supports to participating districts. MDE will not take adverse action if a district chooses not to submit this data.

The full text of the clarification letter can be read HERE.

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We've Moved!

Effective Thursday, November 1st, 2018, MPAAA has a new set of offices!  Our new address is:

Michigan Pupil Accounting & Attendance Association
839 Centennial Way, Ste 220
Lansing MI 48917

Our phone (517) 853-1413 and email all stay the same, but the new space will allow us to have a dedicated training area and room to grow as we pursue new member activities.

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2018/19 MPAAA Salary Survey

Last year, we had excellent success in compiling your collected salary information into our 2017/18 Association-wide Salary Survey. With the new school year underway, it's time to add your voice to your colleagues and complete the 2018/19 Salary Survey.

Current MPAAA members can view last year's Survey results HERE. As you'll see as you go through the document, we need more responses, especially from ISD auditors, to make the survey as useful a tool as possible. 

All data collected through the survey is anonymous, and there is no personal data shared in the results. Also, any result information coming from a single individual is redacted from the report. We take privacy very seriously and will make sure your data is stored and handled with appropriate safeguards.

To take the 2018/19 MPAAA Salary Survey, please click HERE. The survey will be open through January 31, 2019, and the results will be published in February. Please give serious thought to completing this survey, to make the resulting document as useful to all our members as possible. 

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SRM Data to be used for State Assessment Pre-identification

The Office of Educational Assessment and Accountability (OEAA) will be pre-identifying students for various state assessments in December and again in January using the Fall MSDS General Collection and Student Record Maintenance (SRM) data. To include students that have enrolled or exclude students that have moved since the fall MSDS General Collection, SRMs will need to be submitted by the dates listed below.

  • English learner students in grades K-12 will be pre-identified for the WIDA ACCESS for ELLs (state assessment for English learners) in December and OEAA will be using SRMs submitted up through December 7, 2018.
  • All students in grades 3-11 and some required grade 12 students will be pre-identified for the M-STEP, SAT, PSAT 8/9, PSAT 10 in January and OEAA will be using SRMs submitted up through January 3, 2019.

This is a one-time pull from MSDS for pre-identification of the state assessments. Schools will be responsible for pre-identifying any additional students directly on the Secure Site.

Even though it is not required for districts to submit SRMs for new student enrollment and exits, it is very beneficial for the district and school assessment staff.

The submission of SRMs provides the following for the assessment staff at the district and schools:

  • SRMs allow assessment staff to use the MSDS Copy function on the OEAA Secure Site to quickly copy in students that enrolled after fall count day for pre-identification for state assessments.
  • SRMs helps to ensure that assessment staff are pre-identifying the correct student and UIC number to ensure that assessment and accountability reports are accurate.
  • SRMs will change a student’s primary educational providing entity (PEPE) in MSDS which then allows assessment staff to view all state assessment scores for new students.

If you have any questions about how MSDS data is used in assessment and accountability, please email [email protected] or call 877-560-8378 and select option 3 from the phone menu.

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USED 60-day Public Comment Period for EDFacts Data Collection

The 60-day public comment period is open for the U.S. Department of Education's (USED) proposed changes to the next three years of EDFacts collections. The EDFacts collection is a federal data submission that CEPI completes for Michigan, using the data they collect in the various CEPI and MDE data collections.

This is an opportunity for the public to gain awareness and provide comments on proposed data collections changes. Additionally, USED is soliciting input on several questions related to the proposed changes. Districts are encouraged to take advantage of this opportunity because the proposed changes may require modifications to local collection systems. Input from school districts could help ensure changes are meaningful and positively impact education for all students. Please be aware that current policy states that EVERY comment that is made on the collection is responded to, so any thoughts or comments you share will be considered and you will receive a response.

Once approved, changes will take effect beginning with school year 2019-20. Information on the proposed change and the comment mechanism is available via the Federal Register (click HERE). The 60-day comment period ends on Jan. 7, 2019.

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Updated Information on Cyber School Participation Hours

The following memo was released by MDE on November 15, 2018, responding to the concerns over the 1,098 hours of participation being required for Cyber school students.

The Department has received several inquiries regarding the instructional hour and participation requirements found in Section 553a of the Revised School Code (MCL 380.553a), with concerns over how these requirements impact a cyber school’s ability to enroll students after the beginning of the school year, as well as how participation affects membership.

The Department has been informed through our legislative channels that these requirements are likely to be revised through supplemental legislation, and should that occur, the revisions will be made effective for the current school year. Given these changes could impact membership, this notice is being provided in advance of the amendment to ensure districts are informed timely.

Effective immediately, if a student transfers from another educational environment into a cyber school after the start of the school year, membership will not be deducted. In addition, a cyber school will only be responsible for tracking student participation from the date of enrollment; membership shall not be deducted based only on the number of student participation hours tracked, rather it will be based on whether the cyber school has a method for tracking student participation. Participation can be measured through a multitude of mediums for cyber schools as reflected in Section 5-O-C of the Pupil Accounting Manual.

The corresponding sections of the Pupil Accounting Manual, Section 2 and Section 5-O-C, have been updated to reflect these changes. Questions regarding this change should be directed to Brian Ciloski at [email protected]

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MPAAA Member Update

The following memo is from long-time MPAAA member Patty Labadie, from Manistee ISD.

The Manistee Intermediate School District has a new Pupil Auditor! I am retiring on Dec 31, 2018. Jeff Kamaloski will be the new auditor. Jeff is also a “Technician/Educational Technology Specialist” at the MISD. Jeff has attended the MPAAA Conferences for many years; he is the Manistee County School Business Cooperative Power School expert and needless to say he is tech savvy. I am leaving my position with great confidence that Jeff will be both accurate and courteous when auditing the districts while being fully aware of his obligations to follow the guidance, rules, and laws set forth by the State of Michigan. Jeff can be reached at 231-723-6205 Ext. 2108 or [email protected]

I have been proud to serve the districts of Manistee County for the past 17 years. I have seen employees come and go. I have seen the workload increase and the staff decrease, and yet, the requirements are met. I applaud all of you who work at the building level; you do not get the credit you deserve for the responsibility you are given.

I will miss MPAAA Conferences and the people I have met at them. You are a great group of dedicated employees.

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