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Winter 2021 Recorded Pupil Accounting Bootcamp

January 07, 2021 9:00 AM to March 31, 2021 5:00 PM 
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Recorded Sessions (watch at your leisure)


Description & Overview

This is the recorded option for our winter 2021 Pupil Accounting Bootcamp. There is also a real-time webinar being conducted as a string of 6 half-day webinars in Late January and early February. If you would prefer that option to these recorded sessions, pleaser click HERE for more information.

In August of 2020, we provided a recorded set of courses to members covering the basics of pupil accounting (we call it our Bootcamp). With so many new members starting work this winter, we've decided to re-open the recorded sessions once again.

Attendees who complete the Boot Camp will have 5 of the required courses for the MSBO Pupil Accounting Specialist track completed and have a great start on their MSBO certification. Each course has a full set of handouts available for your download and reference.

We'll also have a forum open to all who register so you can ask questio09ns of the speakers and get answers. You'll also be able to view the questions asked by other course participants.

Sessions & Speakers

Session 1 - Introduction to Pupil Accounting 1 - Kristina Tokar and Barbette Lane will be taking you through the basics of Pupil Accounting, from learning the terms and acronyms, through working with the 3 populations, to all the forms to use and the documents to gather.

Session 2 - Introduction to Pupil Accounting 2 - Barbette and Kristina swap lead for this continued coverage of pupil accounting rules and what to expect from an audit.

Session 3 - Overview of State Reporting - Kathi Thornton and Rob Dickinson will be going over data reporting requirements.  You'll learn what applications you need to report data to, and we'll spend time in the actual applications explaining the inner workings and how to know where your data is in the submission process.

Session 4 - Introduction to CEPI - Anne Hansknecht and Caitlin Groom will provide more in-depth information on CEPI's data reporting requirements and how to ensure your data submissions are timely and complete.

Session 5 - Days and Hours - Rob Dickinson will explain the days and hours requirements and how to make sure your buildings meet them (and what it will cost if they don't!).

Session 6 - The Recipe - Rob will take you through a calendar-based review of how to complete a count day, from before school starts through the end of the audit. The items that need to be addressed at each step will be addressed, and helpful hints will be given on how to make sure your submission and audit go smoothly.

Cost Information

The cost of the Boot Camp will be $95 for MPAAA members. You can register online with a credit card by pressing the register button below, or if a credit card isn't available to you, you can print out the registration form HERE and mail it in with a check.

Cancellation Policy & Contact Information

As access to the recorded content will be available once you register, there will be no refunds for cancellations.



$95.00 Member Registration


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