We've gone over all the files on the CRDC websites and pulled together the most helpful ones into this Library.  We'll review the files at their source during the collection window to see if any changes or new files become available and keep you up to date.


General Overview and changes for 17/18

What's changed since the 15/16 collection, and a general overview of the collection.

How to add a new user

Instruction for someone who already has access to the collection to add others, and administer user rights

Which schools to report

general guidance on which schools to report on

How to oganize a file submission

Ideas on organizing your data

Civil Rights Coordinator Requirements

Communication from OCR stating the requirement for every district to have a Civil Rights Coordinator

Instructions and tips for submitting data files

The document was designed for 15/16, but all information still applies to 17/18.

Excel template Instructions

Instructions on using the 2 Excel templates to collect and submit data. This was created for the 15/16 collection, but is clear and will work for 17/18 as well.

Excel Template - District level

Newly uploaded 17/18 version

Excel template - School level

Newly uploaded 17/18 file.

Data file submission instructions

Instructions and specifications on submitting a flat data file to CRDC

Layout details - District level

Explains each data element in the 17/18 district level collection in detail

Layout details - School level

Explains each 17/18 data element in the school level file in detail