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Summer 2018 Pupil Accounting Bootcamps

Our 3-day Bootcamp, which has been so well-received by those who have taken it in the past, is being offered twice this summer.  These workshops are designed for those in their first year or two of pupil accounting and are geared to get someone new to the field up and running in time for the fall collection season.

Attendees who complete the Bootcamp will have 5 of the required courses for the Pupil Accounting Specialist completed, and have a great start on their MSBO certification. Each attendee will receive full printouts of all presentations as well as additional references and documentation in a handy reference binder.

Our July session is being held from Monday to Wednesday, July 23rd to 25th, at the MASB offices in Lansing. The cost is $395 for MPAAA members and $495 for non-members. You can get more information, or register for the July session, by clicking HERE.

The August session (which is the same as the July session) is being held at the Michigan High School Athletic Association offices in East Lansing Monday to Wednesday, August 13th to 15th. For more information on the August session, you can click HERE.

For either session, attendance is limited, so please register soon.

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NEW Auditor's Bootcamp

MPAAA is proud to open registration on our newest training workshop! Auditor's Bootcamp is a 3-day session geared along the same lines as the Pupil Accounting Bootcamp. An intensive session for those new to the field that will cover the basics of the position as auditors prepare for the fall audit cycle. The ideal audience for this camp is someone in their first 1-2 years as an Auditor.

Those who attend will receive credit for 5 certification courses along the Pupil Accounting Auditor's certification track.  The class is being held at the MASB offices in Lansing, on Monday to Wednesday, August 19th to 22nd. The cost is $395 for MPAAA members and $495 for non-members. For more information on the class, or to register, please click HERE.

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CEPI posts new job openings

CEPI recently posted two openings in its data collections group. Here is the summary of the positions:

Are you interested or experienced in identity or master data management? Do you enjoy the more technical aspects of managing data using your critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills? 
The Center for Educational Performance and Information's Strategic Program Unit is recruiting to fill two Departmental Analyst 9-P11 positions to focus on unique identity management and application security for educational information.
You must have a high sense of curiosity and strong desire to apply technical skills to troubleshoot problems and address new initiatives. You will lead the processes that assign unique identification codes (UICs) to over two million child/student records and several hundred thousand staffing records in the state education system. You will also lead efforts to further integrate CEPI education records into external records, as well as coordinate CEPI's migration to a new, single sign-on protocol across applications in concert with state agency partners.
Ideally, you will possess a concentration of college courses in statistics, logic and analytics, as well as information management systems.

To see more information, or to apply for one of these positions, you can go to the State of Michigan Civil Service job board posting by clicking HERE.

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Membership renewal

MPAAA's membership renewal is now open for the 2018/19 year. The rate for 18/19 is $85 and can be paid online by clicking HERE, or you can complete THIS form and send it in with a check.

Hopefully, you've found your current membership in MPAAA to be beneficial. Please consider maintaining access to our newsletters, updates, and training sessions by renewing your membership. Your current membership will expire June 30, and any renewals done now will last until June 30, 2019.

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Fall Conference Hotel Information

It's only a month after our spring conference, and several members have already asked about hotel information for the fall conference!

In response to those requests, here's the hotel reservation information for our fall conferences. Registration for the conference itself will open in July/August.

Please note that we've re-established the two-conference system, with both a lower- and upper-peninsula conference. While we are still working out the details of the agendas, we intend to have MSBO certification classes offered at BOTH conferences.

The Lower Peninsula Conference will be held Monday, September 17 and Tuesday the 18th at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bay City.  You can book rooms at the DoubleTree now by calling 800.222.8733 and using code MPAAA to get the discounted rate of $119 per night.

The Upper Peninsula Conference will be held Monday and Tuesday, September 24 and 25, at the Mission Point Resort on Mackinac Island. You can get the discounted rate of $149 per night by calling  800.833.7711 and referring to 'Michigan Pupil Accounting.'

One final note for those interested in attending the Upper Peninsula session. To make registration and payment for the conference more manageable, we will be rolling the cost of the ferry ride (round trip), as well as parking, and taxi service out to the Resort, into the cost of registration. There will be no need to track additional receipts or have additional reimbursements.  Hopefully, this will make the process a bit easier for attendees.

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