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Spring conference almost here!

For those of you coming up to the MPAAA Spring Conference in Traverse City next week, here are a few items of note:

  • The registration desk will be open on Sunday afternoon from 4 to 6 PM if you would like to get checked-in Sunday. The registration desk will be in the Tower Lobby area, just down the stairs in the center of the hotel main lobby, or down the tower elevators.
  • The handouts for the sessions are available now on our website. You can click HERE or go to, and choose the 'spring conference handouts' item in the Quick Menu.
  • If you are going to the Brew Walk on Monday evening, make sure you have your voucher (they are in your name tag) with you when you come down to the lobby at 5:30 on Monday to board the bus.  If you want to have friends with you in the same group (there will be three separate groups), please make sure you all arrive together.
  • The Euchre tournament and mixer will be in Tower rooms A-C on Tuesday evening at 7 PM. Even if you're not a card player, consider coming down to have a snack and visit!
  • As a reminder, there will be no food with the mid-morning breaks, just drinks. Please make sure you get enough breakfast to see you through to lunch.
  • We will be having a long lunch on Monday, to allow attendees a chance to visit with the vendors that are at our conference. Please consider visiting the vendors FIRST at noon, then going upstairs afterward for the buffet lunch to minimize waiting in line.
  • Finally, if you are pursuing MSBO credits for certification (or renewal) or are needing SCECH credits, please read the following article to understand the differences between each one.

See you there!

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SCECH & MSBO Credits - Which do I want?

The infamous Blue Cards!  Every conference, we hand out blue cards to complete if you are working on MSBO certification or need SCECH credits.  But which do you need?  There is a LOT of confusion on this, and hopefully, this article will provide some clarity.

MPAAA, in conjunction with MSBO, helps members become certified in 3 different course tracks:

  • PAS - Pupil Accounting Specialist
  • PAA - Pupil Accounting Auditor
  • SED - Specialist in Educational Data

Each of these courses has certain required courses that need to be taken, as well as additional elective courses outside your track.  If you have applied to MSBO declaring you are working towards certification, it's important that you identify the track you are working on, so the credits get set towards that certification. If you already have a certification, you still want to fill in the blue card as the hours go towards the requirement for maintaining your certification.

NOTE - While many members are working towards their 2nd certification, please keep in mind that once you have two certifications, you MUST IDENTIFY WHICH CERTIFICATION ANY TRAINING HOURS APPLY TO, and they CANNOT count for both. You must choose one.

The Blue card itself has all the courses offered in the conference and allows you to initial the box for the session you attend.  Note that the circular MSBO logo is in those courses that are specific certification courses.  Any of the session can count as hours for renewals, but to get certified initially, only the specific courses with the logo in them are used.

Note that up to now, the word SCECH has not been used, because NONE of the above information requires SCECH credit. The MDE has created State Continuing Education Credit Hours (SCSCHs) to allow those certified staff (teachers, counselors, some principals, etc.) to record the credit hours of training they are required by law to take to maintain their certification. If you have a State certification and are required by MDE to take a certain amount of training to maintain that certification, then YOU need SCECH credit, and you should mark that on your blue form. Otherwise, don't bother.  The MOECS system, that records SCECH credits will only accept them for those who need them under the law, and no one else. If you are not a certified teacher or administrator, and the law doesn't REQUIRE you to certify your continuing training through MOECS, then you don't need SCECH credit.

So, on the blue forms, first indicate if you need MSBO credit, SCECH credit, or both. Please make sure if you do want SCECH credit that you include a PIC number on the back of the form. Then below, indicate which certification you intend these courses to count towards, either as initial certification or as a renewal.

Finally, as always, please make sure you leave the blue card at the conference!  We'll have collection boxes out the last day, and if you have to go early, just drop the form at the conference registration desk in the Tower Lobby.

Good luck on getting your certification!

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Reporting Seclusion and Restraint on Exited Students

Recently, CEPI added fields to the General Collection and SRM beginning with the Spring General Collection and SRM to collect data on seclusion and restraint (S/R). While future years will see these fields available year-round, the mid-year startup of this collection does impose a limit on who can be reported this year.

If you had an instance of seclusion or restraint on a student who exited your district PRIOR to the Spring General Collection, and you exited that student using an SRM entry before the spring collection, you cannot do a follow-up SRM to report the S/R. With the student already exited from your District, any new SRM to submit S/R data would incorrectly re-enroll the student.

So, as you look to bring your S/R data up to date for the year, please keep in mind those students for whom you will not be able to submit data. However, this is only a first-year startup issue, and in future years, the field will be available all year to allow you to submit the data on a timely basis.

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Fall Conference Dates and Locations

We have received several questions on the date(s) and location(s) of our Fall Conference.  For 2018, the Lower Peninsula Conference is September 17 and 18 at the DoubleTree Hotel in Bay City. The Upper Peninsula Conference is September 24 and 25 at the Mission Point Hotel on Mackinac Island.  We will be holding our fall conferences at these two sites for 2018 and 2019.  Note that we've adjusted the conferences into two full-day sessions to allow for more accessible attendance. The Fall Conference had been 2 & 1/2 days in the past.

For those seeking MSBO certification, please be aware that we are once again offering certification courses this fall (2018) that are typically only available at MSBO conferences. We did this for the first time in 2016, and it was very successful. Once the individual courses are worked out, we'll make sure members are aware of the specifics.  We'll publish hotel reservation information in our June Newsblast, and the registration system should open no later than August 1.

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