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Current Issues in Pupil Accounting

The LEA & Data Committees met last week on a conference call to discuss the current issues in Pupil Accounting. They wanted to share with the membership the things they discussed that will be important to our members.

MISDMSDS Software (The Macomb Program)

A new version of the MISDMSDS software should be released prior to the February Count to allow for recording and reporting of student seclusion and restraint information.

In addition, Macomb is working with PowerSchool on the following updates: 

  • We are planning to add a Foster Care screen for districts to track information related to Foster Care students for informational purposes only.  This information will not be sent to the state.
  • A district level 75% attendance report is an item on our to-do list.  We are hoping to have this option available in the February PowerSchool State Reporting Update.
  • The Seclusion and Restraint screen will be added to PowerSchool.  We are targeting the December 22nd PowerSchool State Reporting Update for the release of this screen.
  • The new PowerSchool Calendar Day Type may be released in the December 22nd PowerSchool State Reporting Update as well, however, the reports need to be updated to look at the new Calendar Day Type and we are targeting the January PowerSchool State Reporting Update for the release of the new reports.

Also, while PowerSchool does have fields available for Legal  Name and Gender, the State Reports have not been updated to look at these fields just yet.  Every State Report, including those that generate the xml files, will need to be updated to look at the Legal fields first.  As this is a big undertaking, we are hoping to have these reports updated in the first part of next year so that districts can begin using the Legal fields within PowerSchool.

Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC)

Keep in mind that this fall collection (fall 2017) will form the basis for your data that must be reported next year in the 2018-19 CRDC submission. Make sure you download and keep your fall 2017 General Collection file to use as a source for the CRDC when it comes around next year.

It’s important to download your final, certified file, and NOT rely on the file you uploaded, because you may have made online changes in MSDS that would change the data from what was in your upload file.

EL Student History

Up until this year, when CEPI would examine a student’s educational history to see if they were previously marked as an English learner, they only looked back one year. From now on, CEPI will be looking through the student’s entire history for those codes, and any student who had been previously marked as an English learner, but not correctly exited, will receive an error.

Seat Time Waivers

Just a reminder that Seat Time Waivers are no longer needed for virtual courses, and only those offline programs that have limited instruction (below 180- days and/or 1098 hours) need to apply for seat time waivers beginning with the 17/18 school year.

Great Start Readiness Program (GSRP)

Recent changes in the GSRP rules will allow students who turn four before September 1 to participate in GSRP, but CEPI has not been able to update the MSDS collection for these students this fall. The software will be updated for the spring collection, opening this February, and these students can be entered into MSDS at that time.

EDP for Shared Time Students

The recent ruling that all students taking more than two virtual courses at a time must have a completed educational development plan (EDP) on file no longer applies to non-public students taking virtual courses through a local district. No EDP is needed for these students, regardless of how many virtual courses they may be enrolled in at one time.

25e Student Funding Transfers

Districts need to keep an eye out for students who are claimed for a section 25e fund transfer against their District. Recent legislation has stated that the money the District has already spent on virtual courses for a student before their transfer cannot be claimed under section 25e.

Use the transfer report in MSDS to review the claims being made against your District, and let your auditor, or the auditor in the county your students transferred to, know the cost of that student’s virtual classes that was already spent before the student transferred.

TSDL Reporting PIC Codes

While TSDL is currently only open for migrant students, please keep in mind that when TSDL does re-open for other students this spring/summer, they will be looking for OIC codes for all teachers who worked with the students that are required to be reported. For students taking virtual courses through MVU, this should include the PIC code for the MVU instructor.

CEPI will be sending out a file in the near future that lists the PIC codes for all MVU staff. You can also look at the article published in the November MPAAA Newsblast for information on getting the codes.

As the LEA and Data Committees meet and discuss hot topics in the Pupil Accounting community, we’ll share that information in future Newsblast issues.

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2018 Salary Survey

Last year, we had excellent success in compiling your collected salary information into our first Association-Wide Salary Survey.  Now that the fall is here again, it's time to add your voice to your colleagues and complete the 2018 Salary Survey.

Current MPAAA members can view last year's Survey results HERE.  As you'll see as you go through the document, we need more responses, especially from ISD auditors, to make the survey as useful a tool as possible. No individual information is viewable, and privacy is fully respected in all the results.

To take the 2018 MPAAA Salary Survey, please click HERE. The survey will be open through December 31, and the results will be published in January of 2018.  Please give serious thought to completing this survey, to make the resulting document as useful to all our members as possible.

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Pupil Accounting Boot Camp

We are proud to announce that due to the popularity of our Pupil Accounting Boot Camps we are having another one this winter for those who were unable to attend our summer sessions.  This 3-day boot camp session will give those new to the field a firmer grounding in the basics.

The Camp will be held in Lansing on January 22nd, 23rd, and 24th, at the Michigan Association of School Boards boardroom.  It is intended for those new to pupil accounting, or for those in their first or second year of the job.

Attendees who complete the Boot Camp will have five of the required courses for the Pupil Accounting Specialist completed, and have a great start on their MSBO certification. Each attendee will receive full printouts of all presentations as well as additional references and documentation in a handy reference binder.

To make this session as productive as possible for those attending, we will be limiting enrollment for this course to 30.

Agenda & Speakers:

Day 1 - Pupil Accounting Basics - Mary Beth Stein and Barbette Lane will be taking you through the basics of Pupil Accounting.  Terms and acronyms, working with the three populations, and all the forms to use and the documents to gather will be covered in the session. This day will give you credit for 'Intro. To Pupil Accounting 1' and 'Intro. To Pupil Accounting 2' towards your MSBO certification.

Day 2 - CEPI and State Reporting - Rob Dickinson and Kathi Thornton will be going over what CEPI collects, and how you are required to report it.  You will learn what collections you need to submit data to, and time will be spent in the actual applications explaining the inner workings and how to know where you are in the submission process. This day will give you credit for 'Intro. To CEPI' and 'State Reporting Overview' towards your MSBO certification.

Day 3 - Days and Hours & "The Recipe" - Cindy Farley and Rob Dickinson will spend the morning explaining the days and hours requirements, and how to make sure your buildings meet them including what it will cost if they don't! In the afternoon, they will take you through a calendar-based review of how to complete a count day, from before school starts through the end of the audit. The items that need to be addressed at each step will be covered, along with helpful hints on how to make sure your submission and audit go smoothly. This day gives you credit for the 'Days and Hours' course on your certification track.

Hotel Information:

We have reserved rooms for those wish to stay in the area, at the Springhill Suites on Marketplace Drive. To get the discounted rate, call (517) 627-0002, and ask for MPAAA block during January. You will need to call to get the discounted rate, as it will not be available online.

Cost Information:

The cost of the Boot Camp will be $395 for MPAAA members and $495 for non-members. You can register online with a credit card by clicking HERE, or if a credit card isn't available to you, you can print out the registration form from the above link, and mail it in with a check.

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2018 Winter Workshops

As part of our continuing efforts to support our members, MPAAA is pleased to offer the following workshops this winter:

  • Data Mining - This session will review the educational data tools of the trade. Learn about how and when to use Excel, Access, XML to submit, retrieve and use the educational data available from your Student Information System, MI School Data, other data warehouses and directly from CEPI.
  • Educational Data and It’s Uses - See first-hand how state reporting data is used from a variety of instructional and non-instructional perspectives. Included will be a review of the MI School Data website.
  • Organizational Applications - Learn how student data points are collected and how they are used by both internal and external customers from a Technology Director’s perspective. Some of the topics the program will encompass are the various data points required (e.g., attendance, pupil accounting, discipline, tardy, scheduling, immunization, and Special Education, etc.) and internal and external data submission and reporting requirements. The presentation will also review the attributes required of a comprehensive student management information system including both a centralized and decentralized approach. Quality data and data warehousing will also be discussed.
  • Legislative Primer – Understanding the processes and procedures of pupil accounting requires a basic understanding of school funding, including knowledge of the State School Aid Act, the School Code, and Administrative Rules and how these elements intertwine and provide the cornerstone that drives the content of the Pupil Accounting Manual and the Pupil Auditing manual.

These workshops are all part of the various MSBO certification tracks available to our members, and these represent the most-needed courses. Each session is being offered four times at different locations around the State as well as an online seminar. The cost for MPAAA members is $70 each session and $95 for non-members, all sessions are 1/2-day (3 hour) classes, with classes being offered both AM and PM each day.  The presenter for all the sessions will be Rob Dickinson.

Date Location Session
1/16/18    Kent ISD AM – Data Mining
    PM – Educational Data and Its’s Uses
1/17/18  Kent ISD AM – Organizational Applications
    PM – Legislative Primer
1/19/18 Webinar AM – Data Mining
    PM – Educational Data and It’s Use
1/26/18 Webinar AM – Organizational Applications
    PM – Legislative Primer
1/30/18 Washtenaw ISD AM – Data Mining
    PM – Educational Data and Its’s Uses
2/2/18 Washtenaw ISD AM – Organizational Applications
    PM – Legislative Primer
2/6/18 Char-Em ISD AM – Data Mining
    PM – Educational Data and It’s Uses
2/7/18 Char-Em ISD AM – Organizational Applications
    PM – Legislative Primer
2/12/18 MASB - Lansing AM – Data Mining
    PM – Educational Data and It’s Uses
2/13/18 MASB - Lansing AM – Organizational Applications
    PM – Legislative Primer


For more information or to register online with a credit card click HERE, or if a credit card isn't available to you, you can print out the registration form from the link above, and mail it in with a check.

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Volunteer for the MPAAA Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the MPAAA is looking for volunteers to consider serving on the Board. The Nominations Committee, chaired by our current President-Elect, Nicole Snyder from Calhoun ISD, will be screening nominees for both elected and appointed positions on the Board.

The President-Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer positions are elected positions to the Board. The Secretary and Treasurer positions serve a 2-year term, which would begin after the Spring conference in May. The President-Elect serves for three years; as President-Elect, Then President, then Past President. There may also be appointed seats available, depending on Bylaw revisions going before the membership this spring.

If you are interested in running for a spot on the Board, you can complete an online application by clicking HERE.  You can also call or email the MPAAA office anytime to ask questions or get a feel for the level of commitment that goes with these positions.

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