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2017 Fall conference Registration Open!

MPAAA proudly offers its membership our annual Fall Conference, being held at the Troy Marriott Hotel, September 18th - 20th. With all the changes expected in the next year, this conference provides valuable information for everyone involved in Pupil Accounting, Pupil Auditing, and Educational Data!

The educational system in Michigan is changing at an astounding pace. In the coming school year, we will see changes in Shared time programs, Early Middle Colleges, Schools of Choice, Work Based education and more.  Many of the rules that guide our work are being rewritten as you read this.

MPAAA continues to be your primary ‘go-to’ resource regarding school funding and the legislation pertaining to school operations and pupil accounting. Our conferences are designed to assist anyone working with student data, school funding, enrollment and membership requirements, and auditing. The one thing we can assure you, this conference is not to be missed! 


Our speakers this fall range from a federal agency official to a childhood trauma specialist, to State of Michigan staff who help collect educational data and manage the K-12 educational system in Michigan.  Along side these officials, you will be hearing from your colleagues who bring day-to-day experience and best practices to our educational offerings. Our agenda can be found below.

Hotel Information:

The conference this fall is at the Troy Marriott Hotel, located at 200 W Big Beaver Rd, in Troy.   The conference runs from Monday, September 18th through Wednesday, September 20th.

Our room block will give you a room for $159 per night. To book your room, you can click on THIS link, or you can call the hotel at 248.680.9607 and use the code MPA, or mention the Association name to get the discounted rate.

Please note that if you bring a copy of your School District's tax-exempt document to the hotel when you arrive at the conference, the staff at the Marriott is aware of our members status, and will remove sales tax from your hotel room charges. The staff at the call-in center who take reservations may not easily be able to assist you in getting your tax-exempt status recorded when you make your reservations, but once you are at the Marriott, the hotel staff will ensure your tax-exempt status is honored.

This is the first Fall conference we've done in the metro-Detroit area, and we hope you'll be able to join us!

General Information

You have several registration options should you decide to join us this September. For the one-day Certification Session, being Held Monday, 9/18, the cost is $139 for members and $180 for non-members.  This day offers eight different certification courses and provides an excellent opportunity for those working on their MSBO certification as Pupil Accountants, Pupil Auditors, or Specialists in Educational Data to advance in their progress. Those who already have their certifications can use these courses as refreshers, and to meet your continuing education requirements.

The conference itself runs Tuesday, the 19th, through noon on Wednesday, the 20th. The cost to members of this 2-day event is $295, and for non-members, $415.

Should you wish to attend all three days, the cost for members is $395, and non-members pay $550.  On-site walk-ins incur an additional $25 fee to attend. 

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Legislative changes for 17/18

With Governor Snyder’s signature, the educational budget and its accompanying regulatory changes are now official for the 17/18 school year. Among the changes in the law that we expect to see in the coming Pupil Accounting manual are:

Section 5D – For homebound and hospitalized students, wording is being added to the section that discusses the need for certain amounts of interaction with the H/H teacher each week. The instructional week for H/H is now defined as running from Monday to Sunday.

Section 5E – The FTE that can be earned by Shared Time students is now capped at 0.75. The restriction that the FTE may not be artificially prorated is removed, so that the FTE for a single overly-subscribed student may be adjusted down to the cap without having to be concerned about the FTE in each of the student’s constituent courses.

In addition, as the law is currently passed, any kindergarten students who receive shared time services ARE subject to the same non-essential course limitations that are also in place for other elementary students, even though kindergarten is not a required grade in Michigan. MDE staff are currently in discussion with legislative staff to have an amendment proposed to correct this and have kindergarten be considered completely non-essential. Until that amendment is adopted, however, shared time services for kindergarten students is limited by the definition in current law.

Section 5-G-B –  Language has been added to Section 6(4) of the State School Aid Act for 2017-18 that allows a student enrolled in a middle college (EMC) program may be counted for more than a total of 1.0 FTE IF the student is expected to complete the 5-year program with both a high school diploma and at least 60 transferable college credits or an associate’s degree in fewer than 5 years.  The additional FTE will be based on the student being enrolled in more than the minimum number of instructional days and hours.  Eligibility for additional FTE will depend on additional instructional time being scheduled above and beyond the standard requirements due to the student’s participation in the EMC program.

Section 5I – For section 105c school-of-choice students who are determined to require special education services after being enrolled in their new school district, that district and the student’s resident district MUST reach agreement pertaining to the payment of additional costs related to special education. If they do not come to an agreement, the student is NO LONGER sent back to the resident district. The student stays in the choice district, and the district(s) failing to reach an agreement will be penalized by forfeiting 5% of their entire annual state aid for the district.

For students who are already being educated under an IEP at the time of their 105c application, while the need for special ed. services MAY NOT be used as a reason to not accept a school-of-choice student, should the districts involved not be able to reach agreement on cost allocation, the student would not be able to be enrolled in the choice school until agreement Is reached.

Section 5P – The section on work based learning is being heavily edited, to remove much of the section that doesn’t provide information on the required pupil accounting rules for work based programs, but provides guidance on running the program itself. The intent is to simplify the language and make work based opportunities more available in CTE-approved and non-CTE programs, including internships and apprenticeships.

Other sections of the manual are being edited as well to bring more consistency to the pupil accounting rules we work under:

  • The definitions of who may approve time away from school for an illness under reduced schedules, special education reduced schedules, and homebound/hospitalized situations are being made consistent.
  • FTE calculation methods throughout the manual are being made more consistent, and reliant on actual hours and minutes of instruction. There will be fewer ‘shortcuts’ that rely on the number of classes per day, or other techniques. They will still exist for dual enrollment students, as that was part of the original legislation, but in most other pop II and III categories, FTE calculations will be required to be based on actual instructional time calculations.

MDE staff are currently working on editing the 17/18 Pupil Accounting Manual, and the Office of Audits will follow immediately after with corresponding changes to the auditing manual.  MDE is currently planning on releasing the new manual before school starts, and MPAAA members attending our fall conference in Troy will have plenty of questions for the State Agency panel!


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Membership renewal

Just a reminder that all memberships in MPAAA come due on July 1, and you will need to renew your membership to continue to receive member benefits. The cost for the 17/18 year is still $60.

Current members click HERE and renew with a credit card. Non-members can use that link to join the Association now, and their membership will be good through June 30, 2018.  For those without credit card access, you can complete the paper registration form HERE and return it to the MPAAA office with your payment. 

There are many benefits of maintaining membership in MPAAA:

  • Discounts on conferences and workshops
  • The monthly Newsblast newsletter (hey, you're reading that now!)
  • Access to the Association's annual Salary Survey
  • Access to the forms library, Mentor Program, and staff support
  • Networking Opportunities at MPAAA events

 Keep in mind, if your membership in MPAAA allows you to find 1.00 extra FTE, or keep from losing that FTE for incomplete documentation or reporting, you have paid for your membership and all your conferences for YEARS!

Other Associations may say it, but we can PROVE that it truly pays to be a member!

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Upcoming Conference Dates

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive at every conference is "What are the dates for the next conference"?  So, here are all the upcoming dates that we have booked:

  • July 24 - 26, 2017 - Summer Boot Camp
  • August 7 - 9, 2017 - Summer Boot Camp (2nd offering)
  • September 18 - 20, 2017 - Fall Conference, Troy 
  • May 7 - 9, 2018 - Spring Conference, Traverse City
  • September 17 - 19, 2018 - Fall Conference, Troy
  • May 6 - 8, 2019 - Spring Conference, Traverse City
  • September 16 - 18, 2019 - Fall Conference, Troy
  • May 4 - 6, Spring Conference, Traverse City

We will be having many additional events, workshops, and conferences in the coming years. However, the Fall and Spring Conferences are so big, we need to establish them several years in advance, so we know these dates now. As we determine dates and locations for all the other events, we will be letting everyone know.

As you note these dates, please keep in mind that we do not establish rooming block codes with the hotels until 2-3 months before the event, so you cannot book your room just yet for Spring 2019!  

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