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CRDC Collection Extended

For those of you who may have not yet completed your Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC), the due date has been extended by the Office of Civil Rights. East Coast states (which includes Michigan) have until the end of the day on Monday, May 8th, 2017 to complete their submission.

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Spring conference almost here!

Our Spring Conference is next Monday, May 8th - 10th. If you have not registered yet, there is still time!  Go to our website, for more information, or call the MPAAA office at (517) 853-1413 to make your arrangements!

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Spring Conference Information

For all of you coming to Grand Traverse Resort for the MPAAA Spring Conference next week, here is some information you will need to get the most from your attendance.


As in past years, we will have the registration desk open from 4 to 6 PM on Sunday, May 7th. If you drive up Sunday and do not want to fight the crowd at the desk on Monday morning, come on down to the Tower lobby (down the stairs in the main lobby) and get registered early! Please also keep in mind that all meals are in the Michigan Ballroom this year since our group is so large! The Michigan Ballroom is on the main floor, just past the hotel registration desk.


The handouts we have received from our presenters are posted on our website.  You can access these documents HERE. You can also go to the MPAAA’s website ( and select the conference handouts link from the ‘Quick Menu.' Note that copies of handouts will NOT be provided at the conference, so either bring a device that can link to these handouts, or print the copies you wish to have available. We are still awaiting a few presentations and will post them as they arrive.

Questions for the State Agency Panel:

If you have questions you would like to have the State Agency Panel discuss on Wednesday morning; we would love to have them!  If you already know your question, please email it to the Association ( If a question develops during the conference, please jot it down and either give it to Rob Dickinson, or leave it at the registration desk in the Tower lobby.  We’ll need your questions by 4 PM on Tuesday to include them in the Panel.

Smartphone App:

We will NOT be using a smartphone app this time around. Members did not feel it was useful enough to justify the cost. If you liked the app, please let a Board member know (look for the red lanyards), and we will consider it for future conferences.

MSBO & SCECH Credits:

Remember to fill in the blue MSBO/SCECH card if you need to:

  • Complete an MSBO certification
  • Count these hours towards renewal of your existing certification
  • Count these hours towards SCECH requirements

Please keep in mind that ONLY teachers and other certified staff need SCECH credits. If you are obtaining an MSBO certification, you will NOT need SCECH credit, so do not fill in that option.

Finally, remember that we CANNOT give credit if you take the blue form home with you.  YOU MUST TURN THE BLUE FORM IN DURING THE CONFERENCE TO GET CREDIT!


All attendees are requested to complete an evaluation of the sessions they attend to help us continue to make our conferences even better. We will send you an email the day after the conference ends with a link to the evaluation. Thanks for your assistance in making our conferences even better!


There will be free internet access available throughout the conference. Keep in mind that several of the meeting rooms are VERY large and plugs are not always handy. If you wish to use a laptop or other device during sessions, please ensure it has sufficient battery capacity to meet your needs.


The conference is business CASUAL! Please dress so you will be comfortable. Consider dressing in layers so that you can be comfortable in a variety of room temperatures. We try very hard to keep room temperatures as moderate as possible.  However, the environmental systems are very powerful, and if you sit under the wrong air outlet, you may wish you had a sweater!

Vegetarian & gluten free meals:

If you indicated that you would prefer vegetarian or gluten free meals, there will be a mark on your name tag that indicates that you would prefer that meal option. The vegetarian meals are also gluten free.  We understand that not all folks who asked for gluten free meals necessarily also want vegetarian meals, but this way there are only two types of meals instead of four.

Also, if you did not choose vegetarian meals, please do NOT ask for one simply because it appears more appetizing than the standard meal. The hotel has prepared a set number of meals of each type.  If you ask for a vegetarian meal you did not register for, someone else who did register that way may be denied the meal they requested.

Food allergies:

If you indicated you had any food allergies when you registered, please rest assured that information has been passed on to the hotel, and they will do everything possible to ensure you have food choices that accommodate your needs.  If you are unsure of the content of any meal, please ask the hotel staff, and they can find out if the item in question meets your dietary needs. And once again, all meals will be in the Michigan Ballroom, just past the Hotel registration desk on the main floor.

Visit our vendors:

Once again, we will have several national and local vendors at the conference on Tuesday. We will be holding a Vendor Expo from 5 to 7 PM, with snacks and drinks (cash bar) for all who wish to attend. All attendees will receive a vendor ‘passport’ they can use to qualify for the prize giveaway on Tuesday evening at 7 PM. Visit each vendor on Tuesday to get a stamp on your passport. Once you have all your stamps, return your passport to the registration desk (or Governors Room EF after 5 PM), and we will use those passports to draw for prizes at 7 PM!

Superhero Game Night!

In conjunction with our ‘Power Up!’ conference theme, our game night will be Superhero themed!  Please dress as your favorite Superhero and join us for food, drinks, and cards, at 7 PM, in Governors Room E & F. We will be holding our annual euchre tournament, and all are welcome to join! If nothing else, come and see your Executive Director humiliate himself in the ridiculous costume the Board is MAKING him wear!

Thanks, and we will see you at Grand Traverse!


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2017 Pupil Accounting Boot Camp

We have heard from many members that they need a more comprehensive training to start them off on the right foot in Pupil Accounting. In response to this request, we have created a 3-day boot camp to give those new to the field a firmer grounding in the basics.

We are offering two sessions of the Boot Camp this summer.  The Camp will be held in Lansing on July 24th, 25th, and 26th, and again on August 7th, 8th, and 9th, at the Lansing Community College West Campus.  It is intended for those new to pupil accounting, or for those in their first or second year of the job.

Attendees who complete the Boot Camp will have five of the required courses for the Pupil Accounting Specialist completed, and have a great start on their MSBO certification. Each attendee will receive full printouts of all presentations as well as additional references and documentation in a handy reference binder.

To make this session as productive as possible for those attending, we will be limiting enrollment at each session to 50.

Agenda & Speakers:

Day 1 - Pupil Accounting Basics - Mary Beth Stein and Barbette Lane will be taking you through the basics of Pupil Accounting.  Terms and acronyms, working with the three populations, and all the forms to use and the documents to gather will be covered in the session. This day will give you credit for 'Intro. to Pupil Accounting 1' and 'Intro. to Pupil Accounting 2' towards your MSBO certification.

Day 2 - CEPI and State Reporting - Rob Dickinson and Kathi Thornton will be going over what CEPI collects, and how you are required to report it.  You will learn what collections you need to report data to, and time will be spent in the actual applications explaining the inner workings and how to know where you are in the submission process. This day will give you credit for 'Intro. to CEPI' and 'State Reporting Overview' towards your MSBO certification.

Day 3 - Days and Hours & "The Recipe" - Cindy Farley and Rob Dickinson will spend the morning explaining the days and hours requirements, and how to make sure your buildings meet them including what it will cost if they don't! In the afternoon, they will take you through a calendar-based review of how to complete a count day, from before school starts through the end of the audit. The items that need to be addressed at each step will be covered, along with helpful hints on how to make sure your submission and audit go smoothly. This day gives you credit for the 'Days and Hours' course on your certification track.

Hotel Information:

We have reserved rooms for those wish to stay in the area, at the Springhill Suites on Marketplace Drive. To get the $89 discounted rate, call (517) 627-0002, and ask for rooms during either the MPAAA-July or MPAAA-August block. You will need to call to get the discounted rate, as it will not be available online.

Cost Information:

The cost of the Boot Camp will be $395 for MPAAA members and $495 for non-members. You can register online with a credit card by clicking HERE, or if a credit card isn't available to you, you can print out the registration form HERE, and mail it in with a check.

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