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Membership renewal

Just a reminder that all memberships in MPAAA come due on July 1, and you will need to renew your membership to continue to receive member benefits. The cost for the 17/18 year is still $60.

For current members, once July 1 comes around, you can click HERE and renew with a credit card. Non-members can use that link to join the Association now, and their membership will be good through June 30, 2018.  For those without credit card access, you can complete the paper registration form HERE and return it to the MPAAA office with your payment. 

There are many benefits of maintaining membership in MPAAA:

  • Discounts on conferences and workshops
  • The monthly Newsblast newsletter (hey, you're reading that now!)
  • Access to the Association's annual Salary Survey
  • Access to the forms library, Mentor Program, and staff support
  • Networking Opportunities at MPAAA events

 Keep in mind, if your membership in MPAAA allows you to find 1.00 extra FTE, or keep from losing that FTE for incomplete documentation or reporting, you have paid for your membership and all your conferences for YEARS!

Other Associations may say it, but we can PROVE that it truly pays to be a member!

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2017 Pupil Accounting Boot Camp

We have heard from many members that they need a more comprehensive training to start them off on the right foot in Pupil Accounting. In response to this request, we have created a 3-day boot camp to give those new to the field a firmer grounding in the basics.

We are offering two sessions of the Boot Camp this summer.  The Camp will be held in Lansing on July 24th, 25th, and 26th, and again on August 7th, 8th, and 9th, at the Lansing Community College West Campus.  It is intended for those new to pupil accounting, or for those in their first or second year of the job.

Attendees who complete the Boot Camp will have five of the required courses for the Pupil Accounting Specialist completed, and have a great start on their MSBO certification. Each attendee will receive full printouts of all presentations as well as additional references and documentation in a handy reference binder.

To make this session as productive as possible for those attending, we will be limiting enrollment at each session to 50.

Agenda & Speakers:

Day 1 - Pupil Accounting Basics - Mary Beth Stein and Barbette Lane will be taking you through the basics of Pupil Accounting.  Terms and acronyms, working with the three populations, and all the forms to use and the documents to gather will be covered in the session. This day will give you credit for 'Intro. to Pupil Accounting 1' and 'Intro. to Pupil Accounting 2' towards your MSBO certification.

Day 2 - CEPI and State Reporting - Rob Dickinson and Kathi Thornton will be going over what CEPI collects, and how you are required to report it.  You will learn what collections you need to report data to, and time will be spent in the actual applications explaining the inner workings and how to know where you are in the submission process. This day will give you credit for 'Intro. to CEPI' and 'State Reporting Overview' towards your MSBO certification.

Day 3 - Days and Hours & "The Recipe" - Cindy Farley and Rob Dickinson will spend the morning explaining the days and hours requirements, and how to make sure your buildings meet them including what it will cost if they don't! In the afternoon, they will take you through a calendar-based review of how to complete a count day, from before school starts through the end of the audit. The items that need to be addressed at each step will be covered, along with helpful hints on how to make sure your submission and audit go smoothly. This day gives you credit for the 'Days and Hours' course on your certification track.

Hotel Information:

We have reserved rooms for those wish to stay in the area, at the Springhill Suites on Marketplace Drive. To get the $89 discounted rate, call (517) 627-0002, and ask for rooms during either the MPAAA-July or MPAAA-August block. You will need to call to get the discounted rate, as it will not be available online.

Cost Information:

The cost of the Boot Camp will be $395 for MPAAA members and $495 for non-members. You can register online with a credit card by clicking HERE, or if a credit card isn't available to you, you can print out the registration form HERE, and mail it in with a check.

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Spring Conference a success!

Another successful conference!

With our 2017 Spring Conference behind us now, we are reviewing the evaluations you sent us, and will be using what we learn from them to fine-tune our future conferences.

One of the promises we make to our conference attendees at each conference is a transcript of the State Agency Panel. We have posted that transcript, and you can find it on the handouts page for the conference, or by clicking HERE.  Note that not all MDE and CEPI staff have sent updates from the draft transcript we sent them, but as we get finalized information in, we'll refresh the document, and note that date of update in the comments for the file. 

Also, for anyone who is a member, but could not make the Conference, you can still download all the session presentations and handouts from the conference page, by clicking HERE.

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Upcoming Conference Dates

One of the most frequently asked questions I receive at every conference is "What are the dates for the next conference"?  So, here are all the upcoming dates that we have booked:

  • July 24 - 26, 2017 - Summer Boot Camp
  • August 7 - 9, 2017 - Summer Boot Camp (2nd offering)
  • September 18 - 20, 2017 - Fall Conference, Troy 
  • May 7 - 9, 2018 - Spring Conference, Traverse City
  • September 17 - 19, 2018 - Fall Conference, Troy
  • May 6 - 8, 2019 - Spring Conference, Traverse City
  • September 16 - 18, 2019 - Fall Conference, Troy
  • May 4 - 6, Spring Conference, Traverse City

We will be having many additional events, workshops, and conferences in the coming years. However, the Fall and Spring Conferences are so big, we need to establish them several years in advance, so we know these dates now. As we determine dates and locations for all the other events, we will be letting everyone know.

As you note these dates, please keep in mind that we do not establish rooming block codes with the hotels until 2-3 months before the event, so you cannot book your room now for Spring 2019!  

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