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31a At-Risk Student

The Michigan Department of Education office that oversees the 31a At-Risk Program has asked that Districts NOT submit the 31a Program Participation code in the 2017 Fall General Collection.  The rules for how students are to be identified changed over the summer and are in the process of changing again under legislation currently in process.

While Fall 2017 General Collection files MAY be submitted with the 31A code included, MDE has asked that these codes not be submitted this fall, as once the new rules are finalized, students will need to be re-evaluated under the new standards, and 31a participation codes set for the Spring and End-of-Year General Collections.  MDE and CEPI are currently discussing what will be done with fall files that do include this code and will share that information with the field once it's known.

If you can strip any 31a program participation codes from your fall general collection, please consider doing so.

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2018 Salary Survey

Last year, we had excellent success in compiling your collected salary information into our first Association-Wide Salary Survey.  Now that the fall is here again, it's time to add your voice to your colleagues and complete the 2018 Salary Survey.

Current MPAAA members can view last year's Survey results HERE.  As you'll see as you go through the document, we need more responses, especially from ISD auditors, to make the survey as useful a tool as possible. No individual information is viewable, and privacy is fully respected in all the results.

To take the 2018 MPAAA Salary Survey, please click HERE. The survey will be open through December 31, and the results will be published in January of 2018.  Please give serious thought to completing this survey, to make the resulting document as useful to all our members as possible.

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Getting PIC codes for MVU staff

One of the things emphasized at the MPAAA Fall conference was that if you were having students take courses from the Michigan Virtual University (MVU) statewide catalog, you needed to use the MVU-provided Personnel Identification Code (PIC) for the Teacher of Record, and your local staff as the mentor.

To get the PIC code for the MVU staff teaching your students, you'll need to use your account in MVU's Customer Enrollment Management System (CEMS), or create one if you don't already have one:

  1. Go to, and either login or create an account.
  2. If you create an account, you will need to call the MVU customer support line (888) 889-2840 and have them associate the account you just set up with your buildings where students are taking MVU courses (Note that it's building level, not district-wide). If someone at your high school(s) already has a CEMS account, they can also associate your account with your school buildings for you.
  3. Once you have access to your building(s), go to the 'Enrollment' tab, and choose 'Mark as Section 21F' from the dropdown list, and you'll see the students that are already in any virtual courses from that building, and the teacher name and PIC is at the right.

If you already know the name of the MVU teacher, and just need the PIC, MVU has graciously agreed to publish a complete list of teacher names and PICs. You can go directly to that list by logging into the CEMS system and using the link on the Announcements page. However, keep in mind that this list does not have courses, just instructor names and PICs. Please join me in thanking Joe Freidhoff, MVU's Vice-President, for his quick assistance in making this list available.

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Auditing Forms Updated

We have updated the forms in our forms library for the 2017 Fall General Collection and 25e claims process, based on changes to the Pupil Accounting Manual.  We've also added:

  • A sample Drop/Add form
  • An Early Middle College FTE table
  • An Electronic Attendance Verification Form
  • New forms used in the Green Auditing Process
  • A Section 25e Claim form and a 30-day calendar for 25e submissions

While we're working hard to keep these forms updated, we can always use your help!  If you see something on a form that seems out of date or needs to be corrected, please email, and let us know.  We will try to have any changes made as quickly as possible.



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