Committee Pages: Strategic Planning & By-Laws

Authority Delegated By:     Executive Board

 General Direction (Strategic Planning)

  1. Meet with Executive Committee (Elected Board) to review Strategic Plan
  2. Ensure Strategic PLan reflects the committee structure
  3. Link Strategic Plan to Committee Structure
  4. Ensure Board and Members are informed of details and time lines


General Direction (By-Laws)

  1. Meet with Executive Committee (Elected Board) to review By-Laws and Policies
  2. Investigate potential of adding Homeless & Truancy Liaison to the Board**           

              **complete; added September 2013


Strategic Planning Committee
Committee Chair

Jacquelyn Laymac
Carrollton Public Schools
7276 Rabbit Ears Pass
Clarkston , MI 48346

Committee Members

Janell L. Craig
Oakland Schools
2111 Pontiac Lake Rd
Technology Services
Waterford , MI 48328